Catalog Items Help

BitPay will host a shopping cart to process sales and payments for your catalog.

This page explains the detailed instructions for adding your items to the BitPay database, and how to let your customers order these items using bitcoins.

Step 1. Create a Hosted Checkout Button

The item you create with the Catalog Item generator will store all of the embedded data on BitPay's servers.

You can edit the item data at any time on our site through the My Catalog Items link.

You can make a different Catalog Item for each product you want to sell.

Place the checkout button HTML code on the catalog pages of your website, or print the QR code on any poster, ad, or sign.

Step 2. Buyer Orders from your Website

When a buyer clicks the website button or scans the QR image, they land on a BitPay shopping cart with this item added. If they already have an open shopping cart for you, this item will be added to the cart.

Shoppers can only have items from one merchant in a cart.

Shoppers can change the quantity they want to order, or return to your website and add more items.

If you update the price or description of an item at BitPay, it will update any open shopping carts that contain that item.

Before proceeding to checkout, the Shopper must enter the fields you selected to be required for the items (Name, Address, Email, etc).

Step 3. Buyer Pays for the Order

When payment is received and confirmed (according to your Risk/Speed settings), BitPay will send an email to both the buyer and the merchant with a detailed receipt and summary of the order.

The buyer will also be presented with a receipt in their browser.