We're excited to share that you can now use bitcoin to invest in companies listed on equity crowdfunding platform WeFunder.

WeFunder is the first equity crowdfunding platform to accept bitcoin, but it's also an early leader in the regulated crowd equity space. Before the passage of last year's JOBS Act, non-accredited investors with net worths under $1 million could not invest in private companies' equity crowdfunds. Since these regulations were lifted, WeFunder has worked to allow dozens of companies to raise money from non-accredited investors on its platform.

Bitcoin presents a big opportunity for equity crowdfunding platforms like WeFunder. Currently, non-US citizens who want to invest in American companies have to rely on bank wire transfers, which can be costly for senders and difficult for recipients to track and receive in full.

Since bitcoin works everywhere the internet is available, WeFunder investors will be able to save on the costs of wire transfers. That means WeFunder and its platform companies (including bitcoin company Airbitz) gain a better way to reach international investors and the bitcoin community around the world.

Want to list your own company's equity crowdfund? Check out WeFunder's guidelines for getting started. Or browse through their platform companies to find your first startup investment.