Gaming payment processor Xsolla will now process its bitcoin payments through BitPay. This partnership will expand bitcoin adoption within the gaming industry and give gamers the option of using the world's cheapest, fastest, and most secure payment method.

Gamers may soon find that their favorite online gaming sites accept bitcoin. Our new partnership with payment processor Xsolla is already being utilized by popular gamer hubs such as Twitch and Nexon to add bitcoin checkout alongside traditional forms of payment.

Xsolla has shown its dedication to full flexibility in payment options for its gaming partnerships. The processor's All-in-One Payments solution offers sites more than six hundred payment methods, allowing games to reach a global audience. Xsolla's customers can now take advantage of a currency that is as equally global as the gaming community.

Bitcoin is the ideal digital payment method for an evolving digital content industry. Gamers using Xsolla-supported platforms can pay to play without having to enter credit card information, and the platforms themselves can cut payment processing charges down to zero. We hope to continue to work with Xsolla and its clients to take payments in gaming to the next level.