After Bitcoin Black Friday, digital currency users have another opportunity to show their support for bitcoin-accepting charities participating in the first Bitcoin Giving Tuesday.

The bitcoin community has long been known for its generosity, as seen from its outpouring of support for ALS research and outreach for people facing homelessness. Nonprofits have a good reason to accept bitcoin donations; bitcoin eliminates transaction fees, meaning that charities receive 100% of the donations given, regardless of the amount. As the world's first truly global payment method, bitcoin makes donating from anywhere in the world easy and effective.

This year, BitGive Foundation, Bitcoin Black Friday, and The Bitcoin Foundation have partnered to create Bitcoin Giving Tuesday. This is a great opportunity for bitcoin users to show the power of digital currency for charity, just as Bitcoin Black Friday showed the power of digital currency for commerce. Charities participating in this year's event can be found at the home page under the banner "Nonprofits," along with links to donation pages fully integrated for bitcoin payments.

Helping non-profits accept bitcoin has been a priority for us since the beginning. We hope that you can find one to support from among the many diverse groups accepting bitcoin through BitPay, from the American Red Cross and Save the Children to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Greenpeace USA. You can also now donate bitcoin directly to Giving Tuesday Canada, which is helping to carry on this tradition for credit card and digital currency users alike.

Bitcoin users can share their support for the event and for bitcoin-accepting charities by posting to social media with #BitcoinGivingTuesday and #Give100%. We hope that this year's event is another testament to the bitcoin community's engagement with worthy causes.