Trucoin will be the official bitcoin ATM provider for this December's Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl, bringing fans a fast and easy way to trade their dollars for bitcoin.

Trucoin's custom-built ATMs will provide fans a way to purchase bitcoin instantly using cash as well as credit and debit cards. These bitcoin ATMs will support the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl's temporary digital currency economy. Built specially for the Bowl, Trucoin's machines will serve as a physical kiosk for their online services, which are currently live in 26 states.

The core service offered by Trucoin allows customers to purchase bitcoin online using their debit and credit cards. Trucoin's secure, simple, and fast transactions promise to replace the more cumbersome bank transfers still used by many bitcoin exchanges. With interest in bitcoin growing in step with the need for an easy way to acquire it, Trucoin offers an ideal point of entry for new bitcoin users.

Trucoin's sponsorship will facilitate the purchase of many Bowl fans' first bitcoin. With so many merchants in St. Pete now accepting digital currency, these game attendees will be able to experience bitcoin shopping firsthand. The ATMs provided by Trucoin will be placed throughout the area, allowing fans and travelers to top off their wallets and enjoy the full scope of bitcoin activities in St. Petersburg.