BitPay plans to continue offering service on the main Bitcoin block chain without interruption.

Two weeks ago we published an advisory for BitPay users about Segwit2x, a planned change to the Bitcoin protocol. This protocol change would have caused temporary Bitcoin network disruptions which would have affected BitPay and Copay users this week.

To protect our users, we had planned to temporarily suspend payment acceptance, payment disbursement, and debit card reloads.

In the past week, the Segwit2x protocol change has experienced a major dip in support among bitcoin miners. While a small minority of miners are still signalling intent to support Segwit2x, BitPay will continue to follow the main Bitcoin block chain with the most accumulated work.

We now believe that any minority attempt to activate Segwit2x will not threaten disruption of security or service for the main Bitcoin block chain. BitPay no longer plans to suspend payment processing services for our cardholders and merchants. We will continue offering service on the main Bitcoin block chain without interruption.

Additionally, BitPay and Copay wallet users can continue to send and receive payments. The temporary double-spend risk which would have occurred with a successful majority activation of this protocol change is no longer a risk.

We expect no further disruptive Bitcoin protocol changes like this in the near future, but we will continue to notify our users if anything changes.

Thank you for bearing with us as we prepare users like you for Bitcoin's continued evolution. We are continuing our work to create a better payment experience for our merchants and bitcoin users. Expect exciting new work from our team in the months ahead!