In September 2017 we introduced support for Bitcoin Cash transactions in the BitPay and Copay wallets.

The majority of Bitcoin Cash miners are now signaling intent to activate a change to the Bitcoin Cash mining difficulty algorithm. This hard fork is currently estimated to occur on 7:06 PM GMT on November 13, 2017. Learn more about the hard fork's estimated timing.

Our priority with any blockchain protocol change is to ensure continued functionality and security for our users. For the November Bitcoin Cash protocol change, BitPay and Copay wallets will follow the Bitcoin Cash chain with the most accumulated difficulty. With current miner signaling, this means that our wallets will be compatible with the new rules activated by the Bitcoin Cash mining majority.

We don't currently have any reason to think that this hard fork will be contentious or will result in a block chain split for Bitcoin Cash. Users can continue to receive and send Bitcoin Cash transactions from their wallets up to, during, and after the hard fork protocol change.

We want your feedback!

Bitcoin Cash support is new for our wallet, so we appreciate your feedback as we make it better! If you spot any issues in your own use of the app, please report them on our BitPay and Copay issues page.