Since 2011, we've been working to create an exceptional bitcoin payment experience for both merchants and their customers. Today, we are happy to announce an improvement to our payment processing platform - now BitPay merchants can initiate refunds and adjust invoices directly through their merchant dashboard.

We have added functionality to our dashboard's "payments" tab which will enable users to adjust overpaid/underpaid invoices and initiate full or partial refunds. This makes our merchants more self-reliant, accelerates the refund process, and provides a better customer support experience.

Each invoice has a redesigned notes section which gives details about its payment status and records the invoice's history. The refund process is wallet-agnostic, but invoices paid with a payment protocol wallet are even easier to refund because of the attached refund address. Partial refunds can also be initiated through the dashboard and give more flexibility to handle overpayments, offer discounts, or retain restocking fees.

We continue to value the community's feedback as we polish, automate, and streamline our product. Please join the discussion at BitPay Labs to give us your thoughts and suggestions. We look forward to releasing more product improvements in the following months.