2015 has been a good year so far. We have several new partnerships with global payment service providers (PSPs) that will allow us to bring bitcoin payments to merchants on an unprecedented scale.

Our partnerships in the payments industry have been an important part of the growth of bitcoin merchant adoption on our platform in the past year. These new PSPs serve merchants in more than 100 countries. With the seamless compatibility these technical integrations will provide, we expect that more businesses of all types and sizes will find that bitcoin can fit into the everyday payment options they offer to customers.

Latin America

We were intrigued to see our count of bitcoin transactions in Latin America skyrocket by 510% in our last quarter, and our new partnerships in the region promise to only grow this figure. Mexico's OpenPay and Costa Rica's KADU will provide access to these payments to merchants like TAR Aerolineas, which recently became Mexico's first airline to accept bitcoin.

North America and Australia

Bitcoin adoption in the English-speaking world also shows no signs of slowing down. Australia's BillPro has cited merchant interest in bitcoin as one of its reasons for adding our payment gateway as a processing option for businesses in its home country as well as Europe and Asia. Canadian merchants have remained hospitable to bitcoin, and rapidly growing Vancouver PSP Payfirma is responding by integrating our API into its comprehensive platform of payment services used by small businesses and enterprises across North America.

In the United States, Sonic Payments provides eCheck, ACH, and credit and debit payment processing to landlords and property managers, with the recent addition of support for cash rental payments at more than 30,000 locations of stores like CVS and 7-Eleven. The company will now be capitalizing on bitcoin's security and minimal transaction fees in its payment offerings for its customers in the rental market.


Steeped in a culture of frequent currency exchange and mobile payments, Europe has remained our greatest center of bitcoin transaction activity. Austria-based Ixopay will take advantage of still-growing demand for bitcoin merchant processing by adding our platform to its all-in-one gateway, which already supports major card processors and other alternative payments in Europe and around the world.

Looking Forward

What does all of this mean for the Bitcoin ecosystem? In addition to coming into its own as a truly global currency, bitcoin is being adopted by payment industry leaders and offered alongside mainstream methods. We still see great potential for bitcoin adoption in markets like Asia and Latin America, especially for these PSP customers in these regions. With our partnerships, this adoption can be sped up significantly. We're excited to begin working with the teams at Ixopay, Sonic Payments, Payfirma, OpenPay, Kadu, and BillPro to make it happen.