At BitPay, we work hard to respond to the needs of our merchants. From the start, we've designed our platform to scale along with our customers. We've heard from our most active Business and Enterprise merchants that they need to allow multiple employees within their organizations to access their BitPay merchant accounts.

We have listened to feedback from these merchants, and today we are announcing enhanced multi-user support for all of our Business and Enterprise accounts. This update will allow account owners to provide employees from different areas of their organizations with role-based access to their BitPay accounts.

Today, BitPay's platform offers four roles: Administrator, Accounting, Integrator, and Support.

  • Existing BitPay users will be made Administrators, who can add and edit permissions for all users.
  • Accounting users can download accounting ledgers and send bills.
  • Integrator users can manage the merchant profile and apps that accept bitcoin payments.
  • Support users can search for payments and issue refunds.

More than one role can be assigned to the same user. This added functionality for Business and Enterprise merchants helps these larger organizations manage their accounts and improve workflow coordination among their teams.

This update reinforces BitPay as the most feature-rich bitcoin accepting platform for businesses. We continue to incorporate merchant feedback into our product roadmap, and we look forward to adding more features that enhance our enterprise-grade platform for bitcoin payment acceptance.