Waiting on a faster, cleaner bitcoin payment experience? We recently launched general rollout of our modal invoice to every BitPay merchant. Here's what you need to know.

We introduced the BitPay modal bitcoin payment invoice back in July of this year. Our modal invoice provides significant user experience improvements across the board, allowing more merchants to keep users on their sites during checkout rather than redirecting to a BitPay page. Customers can also now initiate their own refunds in the case of overpayments or underpayments, without contacting merchant support teams.

Here's a quick GIF illustration showing what a bitcoin payment on our modal invoice looks like:

We've designed this invoice to show essential information while protecting shopper privacy. Merchants can still view all of the buyer details at the BitPay merchant dashboard link for each transaction. Merchants using our i-frame implementation of the BitPay invoice are unaffected by these changes.

To learn more about our modal invoice, check out our blog post from our modal invoice launch.