At the end of July we were very happy to make the announcement that we would be making payment processing, free-of-charge, forever. The reaction from everyone in the community was positive, including a fantastic article from TechCrunch on the commoditization of payments.

To help expand the reach of this messaging to new merchants, we wanted to roll out this short video that gives a brief and easy to understand explanation of why BitPay is not only the best choice for bitcoin payment processing, but the best choice in payment processing, period.

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We are committed to continually offer the best experience in bitcoin payment processing with support for every consumer wallet to ensure that merchants using our platform will have no issues receiving funds from anyone using bitcoin. In addition, continual development of open source software to enhance the Bitcoin network will ensure that our user experience remains industry-leading for years to come.

Our goal is to give potential merchants with little knowledge about bitcoin the necessary information they need to know in order to begin integration. We would recommend this as a great starting point to introducing any merchant into the advantages of using both bitcoin and BitPay.

With our recent announcement 0% payment processing fees, we wanted to create a video to easily explain our platform to merchants who are considering accepting bitcoin. New merchants can watch this short video to easily understand the benefits of using BitPay.