Businesses that use QuickBooks Online can now give their clients the option of paying invoices with bitcoin, thanks to Intuit's integration with our platform. Businesses with a BitPay merchant account can seamlessly accept bitcoin payments through Intuit's PayByCoin service, and receive a next-day settlement to their local bank account.

Intuit's addition of BitPay will allow over 700,000 businesses who use Intuit's Quickbooks Online to accept bitcoin payments with the global leader in bitcoin payment processing.

Businesses trying to collect payments from cross-border clients often find it cumbersome to negotiate a bank transfer. Similarly, businesses trying to pay vendors internationally also suffer the same headaches. With bitcoin, cross-border B2B transactions are simple and seamless, thanks to Intuit and BitPay.

Both the BitPay platform and Intuit's PayByCoin service are completely free, making bitcoin the cheapest and most convenient payment option for any business to receive payment.