BitPay, Inc. is proud to release our new website, with some new and improved features.

We have redesigned every page on our site, including our entire checkout process, to make it better, faster, and easier to use. The complete site is scaled and responsive to desktop, tablets, and mobile phone displays. All orders will be handled through the new site, and old links will redirect to the new site.

Bitcoin Miner Program

This is a new service to allow bitcoin miners to receive direct deposits into their bank accounts.

Update- January 2013: This program has been discontinued.

Certified Integrator Program

Merchants around the world now have access to unprecedented technical assistance though BitPay's integration partners. Contact us if you are interested in joining this program.

Update- February 2015: This program has been discontinued.


We have added API keys for authentication, replacing the SSL certificate method. Legacy users will not be affected, but new users will find this much easier to setup.

Bitcoin Payment Gateway API

Full Bitcoin URI support

BitPay invoices now support the bitcoin: URI protocol on computer and mobile.

Checkout Process

We have a new streamlined invoice and payment process. Check it out by visiting any of our featured merchants.

Mobile Checkout

Mobile Checkout is now available for iPad and Desktop checkouts. This has also been enhanced to only require one phone.

We have some very exciting features and announcements coming in September. Check out the new site, buy something on it, and let us know what you think!

Also, just a formal matter, we have changed our incorporation from Bit-Pay LLC to BitPay, Inc. We are now a full Delaware Corporation.