In early 2014, we released Bitcore, an open source JavaScript library forked from the BitcoinJS project. We designed Bitcore to help developers jump into building Bitcoin projects more easily, and we have been actively improving on its functionality and usability. Today we are are releasing an online app to showcase Bitcore's capabilities: the Bitcore Playground

The Bitcore Playground is an interactive guide to using the Bitcore library and lowers the learning curve for Bitcoin. The Playground was made because we are incredibly excited about the existing ideas and projects that are being built on top of our open source projects, and we would like to fuel even more innovation by making our projects straightforward to use for developers entering the Bitcoin sphere. The Playground was designed to be used as an online swiss army knife for everyday technical needs and a guide for anyone looking to use our platform. We suggest you check it out.

It features private key generation and address derivation, BIP32 hierarchical key derivation, P2SH multisig address generation from a set of public keys, and transaction building capabilities.

If you feel there are any missing features, drop by the BitPay Labs forums and let us know. You can also check out the source code and open issues on the bitcore-playground repo.

-- The Bitcore Team