We're launching a new open source Bitcoin project called Bitcore, making it easier than ever to build things that interact with the real Bitcoin network.

At BitPay, we believe that developers contemplating new Bitcoin projects should not have to resort to using proprietary APIs hosted on services running closed software. To encourage more developers to build software that interfaces directly with the real bitcoin network, we are launching Bitcore. Bitcore is an open source JavaScript library for doing anything you can imagine with the Bitcoin protocol. It is designed to run server side on Node.js or client side in a web browser and interact with a trusted bitcoin node (i.e. a bitcoind instance).

Like several other companies and projects, we created an internal fork of Stefan Thomas' bitcoinjs project. We've decided to open source that fork and put some effort into ensuring that it had sufficient capability out of the box to attract developers to start using it. We felt we needed an initial project that uses the bitcore stack to ensure it was indeed useful for real projects from day 1. That project is called Insight and is a simple block chain explorer.

You can join the action here http://bitcore.io

Also, Insight is a good example of how to use bitcore: http://insight.bitcore.io
(a live demo of Insight is running at http://live.bitcore.io)

We have several other bitcore projects already underway, including tools that help you manage key storage, multi-signature workflows, a JavaScript roller for browsers, and much more. Expect to see many more blog posts from the team about bitcore's progress.