Today we're announcing a simple solution to get bitcoin anywhere in the world — from your friends. Get Bits is a Facebook application to connect friends who want bitcoin with friends who have it.

We're always looking to grow the Bitcoin space, and buying bitcoin can be the biggest hurdle to getting started. Get Bits is an easy way for newcomers to get bitcoin through their Facebook friends. As we release the API — and ultimately, standardize the decentralized protocol — Get Bits can be integrated into wallets to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange.

There have been exciting developments in decentralized exchange, but we still have a lot of work to do. Because Bitcoin is one of the only forms of payment which cannot be fraudulently reversed, selling bitcoin usually requires some level of trust in the buyer. To deal with this, Get Bits currently leverages the world's largest "web of trust", Facebook. As better decentralized solutions emerge, Get Bits will continue to evolve.

To see a list of your Facebook friends who have already opted-in, visit Get Bits and sign in with Facebook. To let your friends know you're willing to help them get bitcoin (by gift, trade, or otherwise), simply flip the switch.

One last note: we're huge fans of privacy, and we're vehemently against tracking bitcoin users or their activity against their will — that's why we operate on-chain. But if you're like us, both Facebook and the NSA already know you have bitcoin — why not let your friends in on it too?