Today our newest nonprofit client Heifer International announced that it is accepting bitcoin donations for its work to end hunger and poverty around the world.

Heifer International was founded in 1944 and initially served populations in need after the second world war. Since then, Heifer has grown to be one of the leading US-based nonprofits, reaching families in need around the world. Heifer empowers donors by giving gifts of livestock and training to help lift farming families out of poverty.

Heifer's vision for bitcoin payments is driven by its goal to engage young, digitally native donors who give and spend online. Heifer International will engage a bitcoin user base that's already shown itself to be serious about making a difference, from its contributions to post-earthquake Nepal to homeless communities in the US..

Since bitcoin is as global as the internet, it will also allow Heifer to reach donors anywhere in the world – even if they don't have access to credit cards and PayPal. Bitcoin also gives Heifer a way to reduce the fees of traditional payment processing – meaning more money can go toward Heifer projects that are helping close the income gap in nearly 30 countries around the world.

We look forward to working with Heifer International and other nonprofits to grow bitcoin's use in charitable giving. Be part of the change with Heifer and buy a gift for a family in need by following the link below.

Donate to Heifer International

To learn more about accepting bitcoin for your nonprofit, visit or send us an email.