With today's bitcoin payments launch from our newest merchant partner GASH Point, we're taking another step to bring the BitPay platform to gamers and bitcoin users in Asia.

Created by Taiwanese digital media giant Gamania for its GASH payment platform, GASH Point is a reloadable wallet and prepaid card for online gaming purchases. The wallet is already used by GASH's 10 million customers in Asia and powers more than 3,000,000 transactions per month. Our new integration will allow bitcoin users in Taiwan and Hong Kong to load their GASH Point accounts using their favorite currency alongside other local payment methods.

GASH Point was made for simple and convenient digital content purchases. Now that customers can use any bitcoin wallet to load their GASH Point accounts in seconds, gamers will have a way to get back to enjoying their purchases in even less time. Since bitcoin payments don't transmit personal data, GASH POINT's bitcoin customers can check out more securely online and protect themselves from identity theft. GASH Point also stands to benefit – bitcoin will allow the company to lower its transaction costs and reach new customers without the fraud risks of traditional credit card payments.

The GASH team has a great vision for bitcoin payments. We're excited to begin working with them to make bitcoin the natural choice for digital purchases in Taiwan and throughout Southeast Asia.