UPDATE: Microsoft has ended its support for further releases of Windows Phone. BitPay is no longer releasing new app updates for Windows Phone 8.1. The BitPay and Copay wallets will continue to be updated for Windows devices.

In July, we announced Copay – an open source multi-signature wallet platform. Copay can now be tested and run in a mobile setting on Windows Phones.

Copay, the first bitcoin wallet platform available on Windows Phone, enables secure sharing of bitcoin funds using multi-signature technology. Instead of securing bitcoin funds with only one private key, multi-signature technology allows bitcoin wallets to be controlled by multiple private keys and users. Authorization of each transaction can require one, some, or all of these private keys. This feature of multi-signature technology solves problems of security and accountability in shared finances.

Multi-signature technology allows for new levels of control and consensus in money management. Copay's implementation of multi-signature has applications in sharing and managing everything from company funds to physical assets. We encourage Copay testers and developers to explore these practical applications of multi-signature technology.

Copay is still in beta, so we want to remind users that this demo should not be used for large transactions or storage. This demonstration is an example of how to deploy a Copay service. In the future, we expect to see many similar services and applications built on the Copay platform and look forward to seeing how Copay evolves.

Stop by booth #36223 at CES to demo the app. See the code; visit our Github page. Learn more about Copay at Copay.io. Test Copay for free on Windows Phones.