We've just released another update to Copay, our open source bitcoin wallet. New features include dynamic transaction fees, advanced sending options, and the ability to prevent initiating transactions with unconfirmed funds.

We took Copay out of beta in June, and since then we have been using the community's feedback to make quick iterations on the software. In this most recent update, we chose to focus on giving Copay users dynamic transaction fees to prepare for any upcoming tests on the bitcoin network. Now Copay users can count on their wallet to scale fee levels based on the bitcoin network load, ensuring their transactions aren't delayed.

We have also added advanced sending features to the "Send" UI. Users can access the dynamic fees directly through the sending interface and pick between three priority levels which reflect the different mining fees. In the advanced settings, they can also toggle between allowing or preventing the spending of unconfirmed funds. These settings will be saved for the following transaction, and can easily be modified each time from the sending interface.

In addition to these new features, this version of Copay will add Italian, Russian, and Greek language options, adds the ability to handle transactions with multiple outputs, and fixes minor bugs. To download Copay, visit Copay.io. Or, if you have feedback, please drop us a line on GitHub or BitPay Labs. We look forward to hearing from you.