Last week, Ryan X. Charles and Manuel Araoz spoke about Bitcore on FLOSS Weekly's podcast hosted at Bitcore is a complete, native interface to the Bitcoin network that provides the core functionality needed to develop apps for bitcoin.

Bitcore is one of our most important projects at BitPay. We wanted to offer an open-source JavaScript library for doing almost anything with the real Bitcoin network. It is designed to run server side on Node.js or client side in a web browser and interact with a trusted Bitcoin node.

Last Wednesday, both Ryan X. Charles and Manuel Araoz were on's FLOSS Weekly podcast with hosts Randal Schwartz and Dan Lynch for an in-depth conversation about Bitcore.

Check out Ryan X Charles and Manuel Araoz on Floss TV.

We would also like to invite any developers to check out and contribute to Bitcore on our Bitcore GitHub Page.

In addition to Bitcore we would like to share Insight, our open-source Bitcoin blockchain explorer with complete REST and web socket APIs, as well as our multi-signature bitcoin wallet Copay.

We are proud to support the open-source community. We want to further developments for all Bitcoin and blockchain-based technologies. We can't improve the Bitcoin ecosystem alone; we need the community's help to improve the bitcoin experience for all users.