We've been hard at work building powerful infrastructure for the next wave of bitcoin adoption. Today we're releasing a part of that work- a rebranding and design overhaul.

BitPay's early identity served us well for our first 3 years, but we've come a long way since 2011. We've gone from a small bitcoin startup to a growing center of bitcoin innovation. We're quickly recruiting developers in offices across North America, Europe, and South America; we've written, contributed to, and implemented BIP standards; we've developed the most responsive client operations team in the industry; we're constantly building and launching major open-source projects for the bitcoin community, including Bitcore and Insight; and we've developed the most powerful, reliable payment processing infrastructure in the bitcoin space.

It's time our visual identity matched our new core, so today we're launching an updated web presence and a new brand (open-sourced, of course). Our new wordmark is a simple derivative of our name in Ubuntu- a distinctive, open-source, humanist-style font, commonly used to represent bitcoin. In our wordmark, BitPay is set in lowercase, as it is used by developers. We've also opted to focus on promoting bitcoin in places where we would otherwise promote our old brandmark.

To ensure our merchant experience is not affected by this design update, we've avoided changes to the functionality of our merchant dashboard.

This rebranding and web presence update is an ongoing process, and with a number of other big developments on the horizon, we're extremely excited about 2014 and the future of bitcoin.