On Friday, November 7th, thousands will crowd Marlins Park to sample next generation gadgets at TigerDirect's third annual Tech Bash. This year, the BitPay-sponsored Bitcoin Pavilion will offer a one-stop solution for getting started with digital currency. The Pavilion will host five bitcoin companies, showcasing a comprehensive consumer experience for TigerDirect's Tech Bash attendees.

With representatives from BitStop, Pheeva, Bitmain Technologies, Nimbus Mining, and yBitcoin, our Bitcoin Pavillion will draw attendees seeking to learn about Bitcoin, download their first wallet, purchase their first bits, and sample a full suite of mining options for consumers.

TigerDirect expects over 15,000 attendees for this year's Tech Bash. With pop-up stores throughout Marlins Park, tech lovers will be able to spend bitcoin on gadgets and products in-person. By introducing this audience to bitcoin through the combined efforts of the BitPay team and our Bitcoin Pavilion partners, we hope to equip expo goers with bitcoin expertise just in time for holiday shopping.

Meet the Bitcoin Pavilion Partners

Bitstop is the safest, easiest, and most secure way to buy bitcoin with cash. When expo attendees purchase bitcoin from Bitstop, they will receive them within seconds of completing the transaction. Bitstop specializes in simplifying the process so users have a fast and seamless experience every time they buy bitcoin from Bitstop's BTMs.

Pheeva is a hot wallet designed for handling everyday bitcoin transactions. Pheeva's implementation of Coin!D and Gyft integration make this wallet ideal for average users. Coin!Ds simplify sending and receiving bitcoin by eliminating the need to keep track of cumbersome addresses. Pheeva's "+Gyft" feature allows users to purchase gift cards with bitcoin for over 200 brands from directly within the wallet.

Bitmain Technologies specializes in research, development and sales for custom mining chips and miners. By not accepting pre-orders, Bitmain guarantees on-time shipping and trusted order fulfillment. Bitmain's Antminer product line continues to outpace the competition and impress consumers, earning the Antminer S3 ASIC a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating on cryptocoinsnews.com.

NimbusMining, part of the CoinWare group of companies, aims to make bitcoin accessible to everyone. By offering "cloud mining" contracts, NimbusMining allows people with no prior experience and without any technical background to start earning bitcoin through mining.

yBitcoin, the world's leading educational resource for Bitcoin, will distribute 6,000 copies of its fall magazine at Marlins Park. Their publication focuses on educating readers on the basics of bitcoin. yBitcoin offers an in-depth look at the people, companies and technologies shaping the Bitcoin ecosystem.