What do an art gallery, a sunglasses boutique, and a hotel all have in common? They all accept bitcoin in the New York City area.

Bitcoin has taken the Big Apple by storm. A medley of NYC businesses, big and small, have recently started accepting bitcoin. New York is one of the leading cities when it comes to bitcoin adoption. We have the pleasure of working with over 600 talented and innovative entrepreneurs to bring bitcoin to New York, and the bitcoin community has no problem showing their support for these great vendors!

Lodging & Transportation

It's no secret that New York City is a top tourist destination. The city receives more than 11 million tourists each year, and travelers can now pay for their stay with bitcoin.

The Holiday Inn and the Comfort Inn located in Brooklyn are now accepting bitcoin. The travel industry in particular can benefit from bitcoin, because it offers so many benefits to international travelers. The Holiday Inn's international customers don't have to waste time or money in currency exchanges, and they can forget about carrying a money belt. All they need is a digital wallet full of bitcoin!

Travelers can also use A-Class Limousine to get around while they visit. A-Class Limousine has a fleet equipped with mobile office capabilities from unlimited internet access, satellite radio, CD, phone chargers and reading materials. They offer airport service, VIP customized packages, as well as just point to point travel options. They have been accepting bitcoin since 2012 to help reduce the risk of chargeback and fraud. They also have enjoyed lowering their processing fees.


New York City is home to some of the best fashion in the world; it's a shopaholic's dream. Bitcoin has found its way into the fashion scene and is being accepted by some trendy retailers in the area.

One such retailer is La Poubelle Vintage. La Poubelle Vintage is a traveling vintage clothing shop as well as an Etsy storefront. Their operation runs out of a 1968 camper trailer which they tote to different events around the NYC area. They sell hand-selected vintage clothing and accessories. They accept bitcoin right out of the camper.

Bitcoin is also being accepted by Marmalade Vintage - a NYC-based clothing shop focused on designer vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. Marmalade Vintage has an online Etsy shop and also travels to local events. The vintage retailer accepts bitcoin for their in-person transactions.

Nomad is another fashion truck based out of NYC which accepts bitcoin. Nomad specializes in funky and bohemian hand-picked women's clothing and accessories. Nomad's collection is packed neatly into a custom delivery truck which travels around the greater NYC area trading fashion for bitcoin.

SunsTruck is a sunglass store on wheels which was inspired by the food-truck phenomenon. SunsTruck can be found at the sunniest spots around New York City offering a variety of reasonably priced, high-end styles. The owner Shaun Moss wanted to accept bitcoin after interacting with some of the passionate members of the bitcoin community. "I wanted to offer a practical, everyday product that could be purchased with their bitcoins" said Moss.


Art is central to NYC culture. Museums and galleries have made the city a hub of great visual and emotional experiences.

Gallery Rene Mele is a contemporary art gallery located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan which prides itself on showcasing work from young and emerging artists. The small, exhibition-driven operation offers a unique and refreshing artistic perspective to the historical neighborhood in which it resides. "For the sake of versatility, we decided as a gallery it would be advantageous to add an additional and very convenient accepted form of payment. We also thought it might be a good way to open up our client base to a different audience," said the gallery's Assistant Director. The gallery has already sold a painting for bitcoin and anticipates sales to increase in the future.


You can't visit New York without enjoying the food. Bitcoin can now buy you a savory dinner or a sweet snack.

The Rosette is a casual, New American restaurant, located in the “Two Bridges” section of NYC's Lower East Side. Their menu offers an array of unique dishes ranging from kale sprouts to lamb. The Rosette began accepting bitcoin to cater to the growing number of bitcoiners in the NYC area. The restaurant has had a number of customers already take advantage of the new payment option.

An Artistic Taste runs a food stand and catering service. Their food stand travels throughout the NYC area, while their catering service helps create one-of-a-kind-menus for special events. Their modern street-food menu is full of interesting combinations, such as brussels sprouts with fig jam, mint whip, confit grapes, and pecans.

Gotham Cookies is an artisanal cookie company based in New York City. They source the highest quality ingredients and stock everything from classic flavors like Chocolate Chip, to more innovative creations like Salted Caramel, Apple Pie or Creme Brulee. Gotham Cookies offers NYC delivery, nationwide shipping, catering and custom favors for parties, weddings and corporate events. Gotham Cookies has already completed many bitcoin sales and has become a business regularly frequented by the bitcoin community.

If you need ice-cream between your cookies, Melt Bakery specializes in handcrafted ice cream sandwiches. Melt Bakery makes all of their ice cream and cookies from scratch daily and has focused on locally-sourced ingredients with seasonal flavor combinations. Melt accepts bitcoin in exchange for their tasty creations.


Bitcoin is also expanding into the service economy. If you run into trouble with the law, need to rent turn-table equipment, or would like to expand your financial portfolio, you can pay with bitcoin.

Nesenoff & Miltenberg is a law firm located in the heart of Manhattan and represents individuals, businesses, and municipalities throughout the New York City metropolitan area. Their lawyers choose cases selectively and work closely with each client. They not only take bitcoin for payment, but they also represent clients in bitcoin regulatory matters and bitcoin commercial disputes.

Euro Pacific Precious Metals is a major international gold and silver dealer – and the world's largest by volume to accept bitcoin to date. Euro Pacific Precious Metals is led by famed investor Peter Schiff and specializes in making high-quality bullion coins and bars part of its customers' financial portfolio. Executives at Euro Pac Metals regularly seek out new ways to make transactions easier and cheaper for its customers, which is why they chose to accept bitcoin.

Dustherus is a pioneer in online delivery of DJ equipment rentals in NYC. They are committed to providing the NYC area with top-of-the-line DJ equipment at affordable rates. They deliver the equipment to your venue, complete a sound check, and pick-up the rental after your event is over. Dustherus accepts bitcoin for any of their rental equipment through their website.


Everyone visiting New York wants to experience some of the local attractions.

Hester Street Fair is a bustling outdoor market that is hosted at the Lower East Side of New York City. The original Hester Street Market flourished at the turn of the century when vendors were using pushcarts. Today, the fair offers everything from handmade jewelry and rare vintage pieces, to wood-fired pizza and ice cream sandwiches. The Hester Street Fair has become one of New York's most beloved destinations, and now more than 30 of their vendors accept bitcoin. Hester Street Fair is a must-see attraction for any bitcoiner.