The FEC recently ruled that bitcoin can be accepted as a donation by political campaigns and organizations. We have been working on taking full advantage of this ruling.

With midterm elections approaching, we have been striving to make accepting bitcoin easy for political organizations. Many organizations would like to accept bitcoin donations now that the FEC has given the go-ahead. However, we noticed that these organizations needed a streamlined integration process and an easy way to stay compliant with campaign donation regulations. In order to help fill these needs, we have teamed up with some great businesses that offer some solutions for political campaigns and organizations.

We first partnered with CoinVox to make it simple for political candidates to accept bitcoin and remain compliant with federal and state regulations around campaign donations. CoinVox is an organization that is making a pioneering effort to advise political campaigns on bitcoin compliance. As of now, campaigns usually only accept bitcoin donations up to $100. Even though the FEC has given their stamp of approval, most campaigns are still keeping the bitcoin donation cap very low to be on the safe side. We teamed up with Coinvox in hopes of seeing campaigns have more confidence in taking full advantage of their ability to accept bitcoin donations in the future.

We have also partnered with Targeted Victory and NGP VAN. These two organizations assist political campaigns with outreach and technology. With these organizations as partners, we hope to see candidates from all political philosophies beginning to accept bitcoin donations. Bitcoin is non-partisan, and so are we. We are fortunate to work with both the GOP leader in digital outreach, Targeted Victory, and the Democratic leader in digital outreach, NGP VAN. Our partnerships with CoinVox, NGP VAN and Targeted Victory offer a way for political campaigns to receive professional advice - with technical support, legal advisors, and education.

Some campaigns are already taking bitcoin donations. Adrian Wylie for Governor, Lucas Overby for Congress, Chris Holbrook for Governor, and Greg Abbott for Governor are already accepting bitcoin on their campaign websites. We are happy to see political candidates starting to embrace bitcoin and hope to be working with many more political candidates in the future.