Over a month after we began requiring Payment Protocol wallets for BitPay invoice payments, we’ve achieved our goal of dramatically reducing costly payment errors for BitPay merchants and their customers.

However, this change means that users of some bitcoin wallets without full Payment Protocol support can't pay BitPay invoices without sending spending money to compatible wallets first.

That's why we’ve been working to get more wallets in the Bitcoin ecosystem fully compatible with Payment Protocol. Today we're excited to share the newest addition to the list of Payment Protocol-compatible wallets: the Bitcoin.com Wallet.

The Bitcoin.com Wallet is an open source, multisignature-enabled Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wallet built on a fork of our Copay wallet platform. Since the Bitcoin.com Wallet launched in August of 2017, it has had over a million downloads and has become a gateway to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for many first-time users.

With a recent Bitcoin.com Wallet update, Bitcoin.com Wallet is fully compatible with Payment Protocol. Now users can pay any BitPay merchant invoice with no risk of underpayments or overpayments (and wasted time and money).

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