The largest day of the year for bitcoin purchases is rapidly approaching. Bitcoin Black Friday will be taking place on November 28th, and we want to make sure merchants are prepared and have their sales listed on

Last year's Bitcoin Black Friday event was the most popular day in the history of bitcoin commerce. We hope to see even more merchants join the bitcoin community for this year's event. Here is some information on Bitcoin Black Friday as well as how to start accepting bitcoin with BitPay.

2013 Bitcoin Black Friday Stats:

  • 6,260% increase in transactions through BitPay from the 2012 event
  • Over 3,900 news articles from outlets such as NBC, CNN, New York Times, PBS, CNBC and many other mainstream media outlets
  • 100,000+ visitors to
  • BitPay merchant AmagiMetals had $1 million in sales.
    Gyft had a 500% boost in bitcoin sales, all processed through BitPay.

Why Bitcoin Black Friday 2014 Will Be Bigger:

  • Black Friday was by far our largest day for transaction volume in 2013 with $6 million processed. Today, we process $1 million per day in transactions.
  • Many high volume ecommerce merchants have began to accept bitcoin. Some examples include TigerDirect, NewEgg, Warner Bros. Records, and SchiffGold.
  • PayPal merchants can now accept bitcoin payments through BitPay in PayPal's Payments Hub.
  • Merchant acquirers such as Global Payments and Alternet Systems now have partnerships with us to allow their large global network of merchants to easily integrate bitcoin payments.
  • POS systems SoftTouch, VisualTouch and DC POS have integrated retail point-of-sale bitcoin payments within their systems, making bitcoin acceptance available for hundreds of thousands of new merchants.

How Do I Sign Up?

  • If you are a current merchant, simply go to to list your sale to ensure you will be featured on the website.
  • Check out this short video for details on our 0% processing fees, our exchange rate guarantee which prevents risk associated with bitcoin’s price volatility, and our other available features.
  • To sign up and test our service visit
  • Promote your new bitcoin payment option via social media! Be sure to tag @BitPay on Twitter so we can be sure to help you get the word out.

What If I Am A Charitable Organization?

  • The non-profit sector has been another area of growth for bitcoin acceptance. We would love to highlight your 501(c)(3) charity on Black Friday to encourage those who do not wish to purchase a product to donate to your cause.

    With a major increase this year in the number of merchants accepting bitcoin, Black Friday 2014 is poised to be another groundbreaking event for digital currency sales.