Bitcoin users love precious metals. This year, we've seen bitcoin users spend millions of dollars in bitcoin to purchase gold and silver from BitPay merchants.

Now we're further expanding options for bitcoin users who want precious metals in their portfolios. You can now use your bitcoin to purchase gold, silver, palladium, and platinum coins and bullion from APMEX, the precious metals industry's largest online retailer.

APMEX started in 1999 as a small coin shop. Now they're a billion-dollar company, based in the former Federal Reserve building in Oklahoma City. The company has grown quickly since its founding, and it now leads the online sale of gold and silver in the US. APMEX offers a two-way market for precious metals owners, allowing holders to both buy and sell on a platform with high security, 24/7 customer support, and a sterling reputation in the business community.

APMEX has a fierce devotion to customer experience and education. That dedication led APMEX to choose to accept bitcoin:

"Customers in our space enjoy using bitcoin. They've asked, and now we want to give them the purchasing experience they want," said APMEX CEO Ken Lewis. "For us, accepting bitcoin with BitPay is about improving the APMEX customer experience. That's how we began in 1999, and that's how we still make decisions today."

APMEX customers can now pay with bitcoin wherever APMEX is available, from any bitcoin wallet. APMEX is also offering introductory pricing for customers paying with bitcoin at launch.

With BitPay, APMEX will receive daily US dollar bank settlements for the bitcoin payments they receive, with zero risk from bitcoin price volatility. BitPay's software makes it simple to receive bitcoin payments from customers, and bitcoin removes the risk of credit card fraud or chargebacks, which can often cause pain for buyers and sellers in the precious metals world.

Ready to start shopping? Keep an eye on for special introductory offers exclusively for bitcoin users.